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lingo outside nursery lessons


A word from our principal:


Our services

  • We will educate your children in English utilizing our cores system outlined here.

  • Provide all educational materials to your Nursery School FREE of cost.

  • Support your Nursery school graduation and special events upon request.

  • Provide an English Education presence in your Nursery School.


New 2018!
English Version
Success in Preschool
by Mead.

How it works:

Preschool Workbook is designed for the preschool through pre-kindergarten child. 

Sections are divided into major topics for all levels of learners. Each section provides opportunities for young learners to gain basic skills. Sections may be completed in any order. In fact, moving around the workbook will keep your child interested and engaged. Each child is unique! One child may excel in one section, but have a harder time with another section. This is developmentally appropriate. It’s important that your child have fun learning and enjoy the experience of working on the activities with you.


Other features:

  • Print-rich pages reinforce words and reading whenever possible. Items are labeled so your child can see the word with the object.

  • Arts and movement are integrated into the workbook. This makes activities more interesting while teaching essential gross and fine motor skills.

  • In writing and cutting exercises, we’ve included helpful features to promote success. You’ll notice starting cues and heavier cutting lines.

  • A tip can be found at the bottom of many pages. This feature gives you ideas for extending the activity or assisting your child.

  • This is an introductory book. If you'd like to practice specific skills, like writing, check out other products in Meads Early Learning line. You can view these items at


What you can expect:


Colors, Shapes, and Patterns

 Activities in these sections show your child how to draw shapes using directional cues and help and help your child recognize, continue and create patterns. Fun shape hunts give your child an active way to reinforce these concepts.



Your child can trace and draw pre-writing shapes on these pages. Directional cues are given with each shape and help your child with pencil control. This contributes to future success in writing.


Letters and Sounds and Beginning Writing

The stars of theses sections are 26 capital and lowercase letters. Your child will begin to identify letters and the sound each letter makes. Your child can trace and write letters with directional cues.

Reading Readiness

In this section your child will learn about story sequence, classify sets of objects, identify rhymes in words and pictures and practice directional paths from left to right. Clapping and stomping are used to introduce syllables.

Early Math

In addition to tracing and writing numerals, your child will be introduced to number words, counting and comparing sets of objects, measurement attributes, ordinal numbers, time and money. Your child’s mathematical process skills will continue to grow. 



Earth, life and physical science as well as technology are all introduced in this section through activities that incorporate art and movement. This section will help your learner with important early science concepts while strengthening fine and gross motor skills.



Social Studies

This section encourages self-awareness and community. Your child can express feelings, recognize community helpers and practice personal information (address and phone number) through art, drama and movement.

Core Teaching Principals


At LINGO we use chips to help with rewards and class control. The colored chips each have a unique and effective purpose. White chips are for rewards (bonus points). Blue and Green are for points during our activities. Yellow chips are reminders for students to make an extra effort or to encourage them to try again. Red chips are for discipline, similar to a red card in soccer.

Useful English for Everyday

Textbooks are great for building core techniques with language however students need to practice real world language skills as well. Daily things like, brush your teeth, sit down, name and where they are from. Our Useful English for


Hello, I'm Tiffany and I'm here talk to you about the core of our system. During the core or bulk of the lesson we study nouns, verbs, adjectives, Months, Days of the week, seasons, weather, number, counting and math. 

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